Technology Support

How to Reset Your iPad

If you are having trouble with your DOE iPad… 

  1.     Click on "Settings". Click on "General". On the right, click "Reset". Click "Reset Network Settings" 
  2.     The iPad will turn off and on. 
  3.     Click on "Settings" and turn on "Airplane Mode". 
  4.     Cancel the download of all applications that are gray / black. Press your finger hard on the application. A message will appear saying “cancel download”. Press "cancel download". If you don't see "cancel download", you didn't press hard enough! 

* Make sure to check the apps that are grouped together and cancel them as well. 

  1.     After canceling all the applications, click on "Settings" and turn off "Airplane Mode" 
  2.     In "Settings", click on "iTunes and App Store" 
  3.     To the right, under "Cellular Data", turn on "Automatic Downloads". Click "App Downloads” and click "Always". 
  4.     In "Settings", click "Cellular Data". Click on "Cellular Data Options". Turn on "Data Roaming". 

Now the applications will restart. This can take several hours. You can use Google Classroom while the applications are restarting. 

If you are still having trouble, please submit a help ticket at