What's New and Announcements

Raffle Mondays

What is Raffle Monday?

In order to promote the importance of attendance and improve our overall attendance percentage,

we have a raffle every monday for students who are present. One student from each grade wins a fun prize. 

Our students love Raffle Mondays!


What is PBIS?

PBIS is a program that promotes positive behavior. 

At PS140, we live and breathe the 3 B's: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Students receive points when they demonstrate the 3 B's, and they get to redeem their points at the PBIS Store!

We also have PBIS carnivals and assemblies. At our most recent assembly, students useds their points and bought "Pie a Teacher!"

Spirit Week

What is Spirit Week?

We love to have fun at PS140. Each week before Winter Break, February Break,  Spring break, and random times throughout the year, we have Spirit Week! One day a week is a new theme, like "Supehero Day" or "Backwards Day!"

This year, we  added a new day to Spirit Week on the 101st Day of School: 101 Dalmatians Day!

Some of our favorites include: Dress 100 years old on the 100th Day of School, Wacky Tacky Day, and Pajama Day!

Green Team

What is the Green Team?

The Green Team is a student group that promotes Zero Waste Initiatives such as recylcing and composting.

Our Green Team members support students during lunch to make sure everyone places their food, recyling, and garbage in the proper receptacles. 

Join our Green Team today!

Attendance Competition Parties

What are the PS140 Attendance Competitions?

Classes in each grade compete for the best class attendance every month. The winning class wins a PARTY!

Classes have enjoyed a Pizza Party, Ice Cream Party, Popcorn and Movie Party,  and Cupcake Decorating Party!

Brain Power

What is Brain Power?

PS 140 is parterning with Brain Power to create positive and joyful classroom environments.

The Brain Power Team comes into the classrooms to teach students about mindfullness, social-emotional strategies, and how to take "brain breaks."

Brain Power helps enhance students' engagement in academics and promotes positive behavior!